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Loreto’s Bench is Central

Loreto are taking part in the ‘Read Manchester  – BookBench’ project.

Our bench decoration was designed and painted by our Carnegie reading group.  The group from year 10 and year 7 worked tirelessly on their artwork which is now positioned in Manchester Central Library.  The bench will be on display until September, then it will be returned to our school.

The bench is called the ‘Freedom Bench’ and represents themes from the ‘Bone Sparrow’ by Zana Fraillon.  The book tells the tale of a refugee boy who has spent his whole life in a detention centre.  The bench design represents contrasting images of captivity and hope.

Book Benches have been placed across the city of Manchester throughout the summer designed by different schools and reading groups.  The public will be able to follow a bench trail map and visit them all.

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