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Inspirational Performers

Loreto High former students Matteo Rawlinson and Isobel Priest returned to school this week to give us a wonderful musical treat!

Matteo and Isobel are both studying Music A-level at Loreto College and preparing for their assessed A-level recital  next week, so they came to school to perform for our talented musicians. Matteo played music by guitarist Tommy Emmanuel whilst Isobel’s piano recital included Debussy and Beethoven. They both performed with fantastic communication, maturity and professionalism and our audience of younger musicians were both moved and inspired by seeing how hard work and dedication can lead to such a fulfilment of potential.
Matteo and Isobel answered questions about their pieces and their plans for the future. We are so proud that they have both been offered places to study Music at degree level at Leeds and Birmingham University and we wish them every success in the future.

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