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Rock Band Showcase

Musicians from Loreto College visited Loreto High on Thursday 19th April to perform a fantastic rock concert for our own bands and for the BTEC music groups. Ian Jones, the drum teacher at Loreto College, organised for two of his sixth-form bands, Paramount and Room D, to come and perform a selection of songs, including their own compositions, and our high school students were treated to a spectacular array of singing, drumming, guitar and keyboard playing. They had the opportunity to ask questions and to understand how to maintain the highest possible standards of band performance. For the BTEC students, it was a great opportunity to see how a gig can be organised and put together, regardless of the setting.

We are very grateful to the talented students and committed staff of Loreto College for providing us with this excellent opportunity and we wish Paramount and Room D the best of luck with the future of their bands. The afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

It was great to see some familiar faces today from @loretochorlton who came to St. Ambrose and shared why Loreto is a great school to go to.

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