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Who Runs the World

15 of our amazing Year 7 and 8 girls from the choir and bands took part in a project ‘Who Runs the World’ organised by the Manchester Camerata. This involved 3 workshops, during which students discussed which women inspired them and why. They then worked in small groups to create lyrics and chord sequences, as well as working as a whole group with the composer from the Camerata, Kate Pearson.  Other musicians from the Camerata came to support the composing sessions and also performed for the girls.  Kate took away the girls’ work and tied it together with some orchestral parts, ready for a concert on Monday 5th March (for International Women’s Day).  We then practised the completed song – as did students from William Hulme Grammar School and met at the RNCM on the day of the concert for more rehearsals, including a final rehearsal with the Camerata orchestra under guest conductor Jessica Cottis!

The students performed their song ‘I am: Who I want to be’ as the opening item in the Camerata concert ‘Who Runs the World’. The whole experience was truly amazing, and we are so privileged to be able to take part in a project like this.  The girls were ultimately professional at all times and as staff, we couldn’t have been more proud of everything they achieved during the project.  They really are very talented! We intend to record the song properly during the summer term – so many staff have said how much they liked it! The lyrics for the song are below:

She was a lawyer,

Passionate, confident

Her family came from the Southern states, born as slaves

Used her voice

To fight for diversity

Education and women’s rights, help for the homeless


She was a child (echo)

Trapped in terror (echo)

Hurt herself to block the pain and the nightmare

Made a change (echo)

And travelled the world (echo)

An angel to the hurt and lost, banishing clouds


Chorus: You are wonderful, you are strong

And nobody can knock you down or interrupt your song

You are confident, you’re not shy

So don’t let someone pull you down

Just spread your wings and fly…

Oh (echo)


She was a young girl (echo)

A second class citizen (echo)

All she wanted was to go to school, fighting for freedom

She kept on going (echo)

When she didn’t succeed (Echo)  (group 3: Oh you never give up)

In the end her voice was freed, heard by the people (group 3: You get shot down but you get back up)


Chorus: You are wonderful….

Group 3: No one’ll be a better you than you already are,

I promise you that you’ll be fine just follow your heart

You’ve got to keep on going even if it leaves scars

No-one’ll be a better you than you already are.



Group 1: I am I, I am who, I am who I want to be,

no-one can take control over me

(repeat 8 times but on 8th time, stick on ‘be’)


Group 2: (starts after 2 lots of group 1)

We’re all striving, we’re all riding, waves that lead to our success

(repeat 6 times but on 6th time, stick on ‘waves’)


Group 3: (starts after 2 lots of group 2)

We’ll rise up, we’ll get stronger, every bolted door we’ll open

Springing higher, we’re like rockets, to our star of confidence

We’ll rise up, we’ll get stronger, every bolted door we’ll open…..

door we’ll open.


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