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The Big Pedal


The Loreto Student Council launched the ‘Big Pedal’ on Friday 20th April. It is both part of a national campaign to get more children on their bikes and the ‘5 ways to well-being’ campaign run by Healthy Schools. The students have recently been working with the UK national UK ‘Sustran’ and also ‘Greater Manchester Transport’ on the consultation for new cycle lanes around the school; the Big Pedal was a perfect way to share their love of cycling.

On Friday, students were encouraged to bring their bikes to school so that the police could place security tags on the bikes and a mechanic could conduct a safety inspection.

A Sustrans representative commented ‘the pupils have a great knowledge of general bike maintenance already’. The day was a huge success (helped by the sunshine), staff were keen to get involved too. The car park was only half full, even Mrs Hughes donned her cycle helmet and cycled in! The Student Council will be arranging another security and maintenance day in the summer term.

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