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Winners of the Manchester United Premier League Enterprise Challenge!

Loreto were announced winners of the Manchester United Premier League Enterprise Challenge and will represent Manchester United in the North Final, competing against other schools/clubs in Huddersfield at the end of January. If successful they will progress to the national final in London in May.

The five year 9 students Louis Breen, Ester Oladapo, Witold Horobiowski, Beteal Teksa and Jace Rennie had to come up with a business plan and promotional campaign for Manchester United that would –

‘Identify how you would target and attract more 18-23 year olds to the club, demonstrating that you have researched their interests and what they spend their money on.’

Following a day spent at the club, looking at how it operates they had just under a month to work on their business plan (attached), executive summary and then pitch to a panel of judges. Their idea was to target over 300,000 students who attend one of the four Universities in Greater Manchester with their version of the NUS card, the MUS (Manchester United Students) membership. Similar to that of an NUS card students would subscribe for an annual membership and receive discounts to major high street stores and restaurants. They would use the brand of the club to attract new companies and existing partners of the club to sign up to the scheme. In return members would receive additional services:


  • Discounted match tickets
  • Exclusive webinars with professionals within the club to give students an insight into their pathway which led them to work for MUFC
  • Internship opportunities
  • Additional events at Old Trafford such as open mic nights, fashion shows etc.
  • Student support help line


They pitched their idea to a panel of judges including a lecturer in business at Manchester University, Managed Service Associate at Ernst & Young and two representatives from Manchester United (finance and marketing). The judges were blown away by the level of detail of their research and their product appealed to a wide range of people, not only football fans or fans of Manchester United.


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