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Caro C live performance!

On Thurs 29th Nov, Caro C, leading DJ, electronic music artist, sound engineer and music facilitator came to Loreto to demonstrate the new music software Ableton and the Push controller. She gave a live performance of loops, beats and vocal samples to selected musicians from Year 8 and to the Year 10 GCSE and BTEC groups. It was a fascinating insight into how electronic music is put together and students had the opportunity to ask questions, and apply to be part of a larger project in the Spring which will culminate in a day’s performance and interview on Reform Radio.

Some quotes from the students include:

“I have been inspired by the way Caro records so many different sounds and knows the routine of the buttons and which ones to press. I also like how she can trigger a number of different instruments with the push of a button”

“I really liked it and was inspired by the fact that she used such ordinary sounds like ice in glasses and made them extraordinary”

“It made me love music even more”

We look forward to being part of the full project in January.

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