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Year 7 Church Project

The final week of this half term saw the Year 7s presenting a church project that they have worked on for over two months. The aim of the project was to fully embrace the Loreto value of internationality. To-do this Year 7s had to create a church that welcomes every group of people within society. It was a joy to see the different creative interpretations of the churches, with some being made out of jenga pieces and others lollypop sticks. It was evident days of hard work and teamwork with friends and family had been put into these projects. However, what was most impressive was the presentation of their churches within class. Every pupil presented a different way to welcome everyone in society into their church. It is a true reflection of the pupil’s open-mindedness and creativity that sets the welcoming and diverse culture for this school. The next half term will see our Chaplin Davie choosing some of the churches for awards!

Our Lenten #ThoughtForTheDay comes from poet, singer and civil rights activist Maya Angelou #Lent #Lent2019 #LentatLoreto #Chaplaincy #Loreto #BelieveTheWomen #MayaAngelou

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