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Message  from the School Council

Welcome  to the Loreto website. The school council was set up to ensure that all  students have a voice in our school.  When  Ofsted came to Loreto in March 2010 they praised the school for being a caring  community and they said that the pastoral care at Loreto was outstanding  – which basically means that the staff care  for and listen to us and that they go  out of their way to help us. We  would agree with that.

Student Voice Surveys

We continually make changes  to improve life at Loreto and are always happy to receive feedback from  students to support us with making the right improvements. Students have the oppertunity to complete online questionnaires to let us know what they think so that we can continually improve our school.

We asked students to name  the things that they like best about Loreto and here are a few of their answers

  • I  like all the reward trips that we go on especially the bowling trips.
  • I  enjoy being part of a team and love going out in the mini buses to play against  other schools.
  • Most of the time we win and that makes me feel really good.
  • I  went skiing last year and had a great time. I had not done it before but I soon  got my balance. It was such a laugh.
  • I  will never forget the time we went to see the Pope – it was amazing to be part  of something so big and so special.
  • We got no sleep but it was well worth it.  I wish I could do it all again.
  • I  remember when we went to Alton   Towers. I was so scared  but I felt happy after I had done it .
  • I was glad that my friends made me join  in.
  • We  sang in the hidden Gem at Christmas time and then as a treat we went to visit  the German markets.
  • I liked being allowed to do new things.
  • I  went to the velodrome and got to meet a famous Olympic winner Chris Hoy. It was  a day I will always remember.
  • I  am a member of the Justice and peace group and we went to Cornerstones to hand  over a cheque to help some of the homeless people in Manchester. I was pleased that we got to see  what goes on there.
  • I  like the school dinners best – especially the homemade lasagne.



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