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Department for Education School Performance Tables

From the Statement of Intent:
“The performance tables sit at the heart of the accountability framework. They focus the debate on standards and provide a reliable and accessible source of comparative information on pupil progress and attainment. The performance tables present this information alongside wider contextual data including Ofsted judgements, absence, workforce and finance data, presenting users with a wider understanding of the setting in which schools are operating. This data is designed to be used as the starting point when considering a school’s performance by school, Ofsted, regional school commissioners,local authorities, governors and parents.

This statement of intent sets out our plans for the content of the 2017 school and college performance tables. As a result of previously announced government reforms to the way schools and colleges are held to account for their performance, a number of new performance measures appear for the first time this year at key stage 4 and 16-18.”

Read the complete Statement of Intent here: School and College Performance Tables – Statement of Intent

Click here to view the Loreto High School Performance Tables on the DfE website.



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