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Justice and Peace Group

The Justice and Peace group at Loreto is part of the Catholic ethos of the school incorporating the values of Mary Ward, the founder of the order of Loreto sisters. It works in a multiplicity of ways, some of which are: raising the profile of social justice issues with the students and discerning practical ways which the school community can respond to the needs of others.CAFOD ASSEMBLY PRIZE 2013 (9)

The group has been involved in fundraising projects both locally and internationally, raising awareness around such issues as fair-trade and asylum seekers, campaigning on issues such as access to clean water and the aid budget to name but a few.

Overall, our aim is to enable the young people in Loreto to have a basis DSCF2079from which to make positive, informed choices related to issues of justice and peace in their daily lives as they mature into young women and men through their time at Loreto.

The group which was established in 2010 currently has approximately 15 members and many more supporters. Meetings are held weekly in the chaplaincy and there are representatives from each of the five year groups within the school. The group is very welcoming and all new members are greatly encouraged to attend. There is plenty of work to do and “many hands make light work”.

Here is why some of the students are committed to the group:

  • ‘I am part of the Justice and Peace group because I want to make people’s lives better and I want peace for the world.’
  • ‘I am in the Justice and Peace group because I think it is good to help others and I always have fun’.
  • ‘I love the Justice and Peace group because we get to be with nice people and to help people less fortunate than ourselves. When we help people we feel good about ourselves.’
  • ‘I come to the Justice and Peace group because it is fun to talk to people in other year groups and good to know we are helping people who are in need. ’

CAFOD Harvest Newsletter

Congratulations to the J&P Group who made it into CAFOD’s Harvest newsletter, see the article below, or download the complete newsletter here.


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