RM Unify

Key Contacts

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Hughes (Headteacher),
Miss T Wilkinson (Deputy Headteacher),
Mr J Quinn (Deputy Headteacher),
Mrs Naughton (Assistant Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Person),
Mr Chillingworth (Assistant Headteacher, Director of Curriculum),
Mr D’Laryea (Assistant Headteacher)

Head of Departments

ArtMrs N Drake
EnglishMr B Coulbeck
HumanitiesMr D Zafar
MathematicsMr N D'Laryea
MusicMrs K Madden
ScienceMiss A McLaughlin (Acting)
Year 7Mrs L Meechan
Design TechnologyMiss C Sweeney
GeographyMr D Scott
ComputingMrs F Bull
Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)Ms K Dowling (Acting)
Physical Education (PE)Mr A Riley
Religious Education (RE)Mrs G Shahedi
DramaMiss W Henderson (Acting)
EALMrs S Beresy (Acting)

Form Teachers / Heads of Years

Year 7

Head of Year: Mrs L Meechan
Pastoral Leader: Mrs A Watson
SLT Link: Miss T Wilkinson
RegistrationForm Teacher
7SMUMrs S Mulai
7LBAMiss L Baygot/Miss W Henderson
7RTEDr R Telchadder
7DWEMiss D Weldon
7SBMMiss S Beamish
7CCOMiss C Connolly

Year 8

Head of Year: Mrs L Mitton
Pastoral Leader: Miss E Joseph
SLT Link: Mr J Quinn
RegistrationForm Teacher
8JHPMiss J Harrop
8DPAMr D Palmer
8SBEMrs S Beresy/Miss R Metherell
8KWAMiss K Wass
8SJAMrs S Jackson
8SHUMiss S Hughes/Mr T Burford

Year 9

Head of Year: Mr D Scott
Pastoral Leader: Ms R Graham
SLT Link: Mr J Chillingworth
RegistrationForm Teacher
9NDIMr N Dickson
9LDUMr L Duffy/Mrs C Power
9FBUMrs F Bull
9SROMiss S Robinson
9AFOMr A Ford
9SUPMiss S Upsall

Year 10

Head of Year: Mr D Cere
Pastoral Leader: Mr P Bryan
SLT Link: Mrs J Naughton
RegistrationForm Teacher
10KVAMiss K Valentine
10SWIMr S Whiteside
10FCOMiss F Colclough
10PHOMr P Holmes
10LHAMrs L Haughin/Mr T Warner

Year 11

Head of Year: Mrs C McKendry
Pastoral Leader: Miss D Taylor-Bell
SLT Link: Mr N D'Laryea
RegistrationForm Teacher
11GJOMr G Jones
11ABAMs A Barnes/Mrs V Collier
11TCAMrs T Cahill
11PBUMr P Bull
11CNDMiss C Ndioho


Governing Body

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