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Learning Lounge

llv3The Learning Lounge is the ultimate place for students. It is more than a library, more than an IT suite; the Learning Lounge brings together a wide selection of up-to-date fiction and non-fiction books, computing technologies and electronic resources in an attractive, modern and sleek environment. It is not just about providing quality information resources but also about creating and forging experiences that will cultivate and enhance reading for pleasure and independent learning.

The Learning Lounge is open Monday to Thursday 7.45am until 4.30pm; Friday 7.45am until 3.00pm. Students are required to get passes if they need to access the space during lunch. After school students can attend the Power Hour to complete homework. Students are rewarded with credits to compete in the termly X-Box tournament.

The Learning Lounge is managed by Mr Sheehan, a full-time qualified Chartered Librarian holocaustwith 20 years’ experience in public and educational libraries. In October 2010 Mr Sheehan was awarded by the School Library Association ‘Librarian of the Year’ for outstanding contribution in school librarianship. He is supported by a small team of dedicated pupil librarians from all year groups during break and lunchtimes.

The Learning Lounge provides a gateway to wealth of up-to-date, attractive and accessible information resources. This includes:

  • Over 5000 fiction and non-fiction books that can be borrowed for a 2 week period. Non-fiction books are colour coded and arranged by subjects to enable students to locate information efficiently and their exact requirements. Fiction books are arranged by genres to encourage students to browse at ease.Darlek
  • The resource Eclipse.net which enables students to find books for their exact needs (insert Eclipse.net link)
  • A good selection of daily, weekly and monthly newspapers, comics and newspapers.
  • Laptops that can be used for research and homework whilst in the Learning Lounge.

animationAll students in years 7-9 are scheduled for sessions during their English timetable on a fortnightly cycle where they are able to ‘read and relax’ for a whole lesson. In addition, students have the opportunity to take part in research workshops on how to use and critically evaluate information, with the aim of becoming successful and confident researchers.

During lunch break students are invited to partake in extra-curricular activities, these include:

Knit N’ Natter, Manga Art Group, Chess Club, Animation Club and X-Box.


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