RM Unify

Loreto Values

The seven core values of the Loreto community.


All Loreto schools and communities endeavour to live by the seven core values of Mary Ward which are centred in God and rooted in the gospel.


Be in right relationships with all created things; you will live in integrity and wholeness.


Be such as you appear and appear such as you are.


Seek for truth; reflect critically and seek answers to crucial questions.


Have an attitude of mind and disposition of   heart that opens you to life; be optimistic, hopeful, courageous, open, welcoming, good humoured and self- accepting.


Refer all things in your life to God; you will find inner peace and the freedom to respond creatively to the needs of  others.

We are ambitious for our students both for academic excellence and for human possibilities. We aim to stretch hearts as well as minds. We focus on excellence and set the highest standards of academic and personal achievement.

We are proud to play a part in the international network of Loreto students and colleges and will continue to apply the international guidelines for Loreto Education in England.



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