RM Unify

Mission Statement

At Loreto Chorlton we are proud to be part of an international network of Loreto schools and colleges and we will work to interpret and apply the international guidelines for Loreto IMG_5355Education within the context of England in the early 21st century.

Within our schools and college the story of Mary Ward will be re-interpreted to, and  by, each new generation. Her vision and values will find expression in the  experience offered to, and shaped by, our students, parents, staff and governors.

We are ambitious for our students not just in the context of academic  excellence but also in the context of human possibilities, and as educators we  will stretch hearts as well as minds.

We encourage our students to become women and men who use their gifts and talents  to make a difference both globally and locally; men and women of courage, who will challenge accepted notions and modes of society when they are at odds with the values for which we stand.

 We will strive rigorously for the achievement of both personal and academic excellence within learning communities that:

  • Introduce students to a reflective way of thinking and  living and encourage seekers of truth who will search critically for answers to  the great questions of life.
  • Encourage doers of justice who will stand with those on the  margins of life and become responsible global citizens and agents of social  change, committed to building a better world.
  • Allow all, the freedom to become their best selves and to  take charge of their own lives and futures within environments that celebrate  diversity and nurture independence of spirit.
  • Develop relationships that are marked by a Christ-like  respect and compassion and characterised by integrity and sincerity.
  • Are joyful places where students enjoy their learning and  flourish in a safe and healthy environment where the value of each individual  is celebrated.



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