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Download the 2016-17 Parents & Carers Handbook here.

At Loreto we place a high value on the partnership that we have with the families of the students within our care. We recognise that by working together we can achieve so much more for our children. We meet with our parents regularly at parents’ evenings and options evenings and at other times, when required, to help support progress and development. We hope that you will attend the school social events organised by the Friends of Loreto Group so that you can share the joys (and strains) of parenting, with like-minded people.

  1. School Day
8.00am Dining Hall open for breakfast (Free Toast)
8.45am Latest time to arrive at school
8.50am Morning registration
9.10am Period 1
10.10am Period 2
11.10am Break
11.30am End of Break
11.30am Period 3
12.30pm Period 4
1.30pm Lunchtime (1.15pm for year 7 in the first term)
2.15pm End of Lunch
2.15pm Period 5 and afternoon registration
3.15pm End of the school day
From 3.15pm Enrichment activities begin
  1. Absence

If your child is absent from school due to illness, please telephone the school on 0161 881 9448 (select option 1) before 9.00am on the first day and each subsequent day of absence. On return from absence, students should provide the attendance officer with an absence note / letter.

  1. Attendance

Full attendance is essential to ensure your child’s academic and pastoral success. Please make medical appointments in the school holidays or after school where possible.  We do ask; if you need to make a medical appointment during the school day, please make it for after 2.30pm where possible, so that students do not miss their morning or afternoon marks.

  1. Behaviour

The most effective and the most desirable discipline is self-discipline. Students are asked to show good manners at all times on the understanding that this is the foundation for a harmonious school with good relationships at every level. Loreto seeks to promote a climate in which our core values of Sincerity, Justice, Truth, Joy, Freedom, Excellence and Internationality underpin our treatment of each other and our patterns of behaviour. Rules are simple and serve to ensure good order and safe movement around the school. Our Behaviour Policy is positive in approach. Clear sanctions are applied where necessary, including detentions. Whilst the school endeavours to provide parents with advance notice of after-school detentions we do reserve the right to detain students without notice should the need arise.

  1. Collecting your Child during the School Day

If you wish to collect your child from school please let the office know by 9.00am so that arrangements can be made to locate your child in school. Please then come to the Main Office where staff will arrange for your child to leave their lesson as appropriate. Your child will sign out at the main office.

  1. Data/Emergency Contact Numbers

We ask you to complete a Data Sheet prior to your child starting school.  It is the responsibility of parents/ carers to ensure that the school is informed of any changes as and when they arise.  In the case of illness, we always try to contact parents by telephone to arrange for you to collect your child.

  1. Dining Hall – General

The dining area is open every day. Hot and cold snacks/meals and drinks are on sale at break time and at lunchtime.  Vegetarian options and salads are always available. The cost of a main course and a dessert is currently £2.35; drinks cost between 50p and 75p and free tap water is always available. Students may bring a packed lunch and eat this in the dining area. Menus are displayed on the school website. Students can sit together regardless of whether they are having a packed lunch or a school dinner. To reduce queue times year groups are invited into the dining hall on a rota basis. The rota changes to ensure a fair system.

  1. Dining Hall /Library Services – Biometric Technology

In the dining hall we use a cashless system. This means that we can offer a more efficient service. Each student has their own account which they top up weekly either electronically using ParentPay or manually by loading the machine in school with money. The system automatically restricts spending to £4.00 per day but parents can request that this level is increased if preferred. Each time the student uses the catering services, at break time or lunchtime, funds from their account are taken automatically. Most students use their finger image to access their account which is simple to operate. On their first day at school students are invited to create an account using finger image technology. Students cannot use this system if they do not have the written consent from a parent or carer. To provide consent parents can sign and complete the school data sheet. We may use the biometric system in other areas of the school to increase efficiency. If you do not wish your child to use the biometric system we will issue a plastic card which will enable students to load money onto their account and access these funds at the tills in the dining hall.  Students are responsible for keeping their card secure. If the card is misused or lost there will be an administration charge of £10 to be paid before a replacement card can be issued.

8a. More about Biometric Technology (Protection of Freedoms Act 2012)

Biometric information is information about someone’s physical or behavioural characteristics that can be used to identify them. As part of our identity management systems, we record a biometric measurement taken from a finger, but not a fingerprint image. The information is stored in a highly secure database in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The data is used to confirm who is using the catering service only. To reduce the risk of loss we store the least amount of data possible. The data stored cannot be used by any other agency for any other purpose and we will not unlawfully disclose it to any other person. We will not use the biometric information for any purpose other than that stated above. Please note that when a child leaves Loreto, or if their parent withdraws their consent, his/her biometric data will be permanently deleted.

  1. Enrichment Activities

Loreto offers a variety of educational visits and extra-curricular activities.  These include sports, music, language and science clubs, chaplaincy events and theatre trips.  We encourage all our students to involve themselves in extra-curricular activities.

  1. First Aid

Normal first aid is available in school for minor accidents.  In severe cases we will accompany the student to hospital even if we are unable to contact the parent. However hospitals are often unwilling to administer treatment without the consent of the parent so please ensure that we have your current telephone contact details including that of your family doctor.  Please note First Aiders can only treat accidents on school premises.  If your child has an injury as a result of an accident at home, please notify the school prior to your child attending so that we can offer support if necessary.

  1. Friends of Loreto

We invite all parents and carers to join the Friends of Loreto mailing list so that we can keep you up to date with social events and activities that are arranged from time to time, including Family Quiz Nights and Fine Dining Events. In addition you may also wish to attend the planning meetings which are held each term. Please see the school website for more details.

  1. Holidays

The school does not give permission for students to go on holiday during term time.  Regular attendance is important, not just because the law requires it but because it is the best way of ensuring that your child makes the most of the educational opportunities which are available.

  1. Internet and Email Safety

It is important that students use the internet safely and that they do not give away their personal details or send images of themselves to people they meet at random on the internet. Students attend lessons in school on how to stay safe when using the internet but it is essential that parents discuss their children’s on line activities with them. Please contact school if you require more information.

  1. Jewellery /Make-up /Hairstyles/ Piercings

Students should not wear jewellery to school including chains, bracelets and rings. Students with pierced ears may wear one small gold or silver stud in the bottom of each of their earlobes: all other piercings are banned including nose, tongue and facial. It is not acceptable to wear a plaster over a piercing. Students may not wear make up to school and they will be asked to remove any makeup that they do put on. Nail varnish must be clear. Students are not permitted to wear acrylic nails or false tan to school. Extreme hairstyles are not allowed, including partly shaved heads and unnatural colourings.

  1. Lockers

Students will be offered a locker which they can keep for the entire year. We ask that students buy their own locks and bring these into school. If the key is lost, Loreto staff will cut the lock off and the student will need to replace the lock, if they wish to continue to use the locker. Further details are available from the school office.

  1. Lost Property

All students are responsible for their own belongings. Lockers are provided to keep items secure. Please ensure that all clothing is clearly labelled so that items can be returned to their rightful owner. Students can look in the lost property cupboards if they lose their property. The cupboards are emptied at the end of each term.

  1. Making a Complaint

We aim to have a successful relationship with both our students and parents; occasionally we do not meet the high standards expected and parents may need to make a complaint.  Please raise your concerns in the first instance with the person involved in the hope that they will resolve the matter. For further guidance please see the school’s complaints procedure listed on the school website or contact the office for a paper copy.

  1. Medical Appointments

If it is necessary for your child to attend a hospital or clinic appointment during the school day he/she should sign out at the main office and provide the reason for leaving.  On return he/she should sign back in. Unless authorised by parents in advance, students are not allowed to leave school unless accompanied by a parent /carer.

  1. Medical Matters

We are asking all parents of children with a medical condition to complete a school Healthcare plan for their child/children.  Please contact the school on 0161 881 9448 to request a copy of the plan. If you would prefer to meet with someone from the school to help you complete the Healthcare Plan we can also arrange this.  Your child’s completed plan should be returned to school at the earliest opportunity.

The plan will help school staff to better understand your child’s individual condition and key information including medication, triggers, individual symptoms and emergency contact numbers will be readily available to those that need it.

Please make sure the school is kept informed about changes to your child’s medical condition or medication.  This includes changes to how much medication they need to take and when they need to take it.

  1. Medication

Medicines should be handed in to the main office. Parents are required to complete the appropriate form and provide a written statement detailing the medicine to be dispensed to ‘named’ students at ‘stated’ time(s) / periods of time, during the school hours. Clear and unambiguous instructions are essential.  The office is responsible for looking after the medicine but students are responsible for administering the medicine. Students with inhalers and epi pens should keep their inhaler with them at all times. We ask that spare inhalers and epi pens are also kept in the school office. 

  1. Mobile phones and Electronic Devices

The school recognises that mobile phones are an aid to student safety whilst travelling to and from school. However parents and carers should be aware that mobile phones are a source of distraction to learning. For this reason the school insists that mobile phones, IPods and other electronic devices are only allowed in school on the understanding that they are kept turned off and out of sight during the school day. Should students choose to ignore this rule the device will be confiscated and returned to the students at a later time. For repeated offences, parents may be asked to come to school to collect the device. Should you wish to contact your child during the school day please telephone the office and staff will get a message to your child.

The school recommends that only inexpensive phones are brought to school. The school does not take responsibility for the loss or damage to mobile phones and other electronic devices that students choose to bring into the school environment.

  1. Money

Money should be kept in a purse on the person and not left in blazers or school bags.  Only small amounts of money should be brought into school (normally not more than £5).  If a large amount has to be brought to school, it should be put into an envelope, clearly labelled, and given to the finance office for safe keeping.

23. More Able Gifted and Talented Students

The Loreto system of personalised learning ensures all students are constantly challenged and stretched to reach their potential. Students who are performing at the highest level are identified at an early stage and initiatives are put in place to ensure that they are making excellent progress.

  1. Music Tuition

Instrumental lessons for individuals or small groups are available at very reasonable charges: further details, including charges, are available from the music department.

  1. Parent Pay

The school uses the services of ParentPay to enable parents to record and make on-line payments to the school for school dinners and school trips. Parents and carers are issued with a unique password which allows them access to their individual account.

  1. Pens and Equipment for Learning

Students should come to school each day with a bag containing books, the student planner, a pencil case and a water bottle. The pencil case should contain pens, pencils, a rubber, a ruler, a pencil sharpener and anything else suggested by the class teacher.

  1. Photographs

In common with most schools, we frequently take photos of children doing a range of school based activities. These photos may then be used to promote Loreto on the school website or in flyers or leaflets etc. Most pupils are happy to be part of this process. If you do not wish your child to have their photograph taken for promotional purposes then please indicate this on the data contact sheet.

  1. Punctuality

Parents/carers are responsible for ensuring that students leave home in time to arrive at school punctually. Students should be in school by 8.45am each morning:  any latecomers are required to sign the Late Book and a detention is set for the same day (unless a note is provided detailing a valid reason).  Lateness is closely monitored and where there is concern parents will be contacted.

  1. School Nurse

Loreto is supported by the NHS School Nurse Team and representatives from the team attend school to offer support and guidance on a regular basis. The team work closely with the Assistant Headteacher Mrs Naughton, SENCO Ms Meechan and the Pastoral Year Co-ordinators.

  1. Special Educational Needs

Loreto High School aims to embrace the needs of all students and has a whole-school approach to special educational needs and disabilities (SEN/D). We provide effective opportunities for all students by responding to students’ diverse learning needs, setting suitable learning challenges and overcoming barriers to learning.  All teachers teach students with SEN/D. Our provision is co-ordinated by the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), and the Learning Needs team and reflects our statutory duties.

Please see the school website for more information.

  1. Student Planner

Every student will be issued with a student planner at the start of the academic year. Form tutors check the planners each week and parents/carers are encouraged to use it and sign it every week.  We ask all students and parents to sign the home school agreement.

  1. Uniform

Uniform creates a sense of belonging to the community and we have high expectations for all our students. Please ensure that your child wears their uniform with pride at all times both in school and on their journey to and from Loreto. In particular students should wear the correct footwear – Only sturdy flat leather or leather type shoes should be worn. Trainers, pumps or boots should not be worn in school. Jewellery and hair styles/accessories should be appropriate. Additional guidance is available on our school website. If you are unsure, please ask before purchasing an item. Please note that students arriving without full uniform will be asked to wear replacement items or given an alternative sanction as directed by a senior member of staff.

32a. School Uniform

Navy blazer with Loreto crest
Navy jumper with gold stripe and Loreto crest
School tie
Black school trousers or black pleated school skirt with crest
White shirt with stiff collar
Black school shoes / Black Coat 

32b. PE Kit

Navy and white top with Loreto crest
Navy and white shorts with Loreto crest
Navy socks
Light soled trainers (to avoid marking the floors)
Black /Navy jogging bottoms

  1. Text Messaging Service

We will update you regarding key dates and events such as review days, notification of parents evening, school closure etc from 07624 880 198.   Any message that is sent from the school will show on your phone as MSG LHS and you can reply by simply replying to the message, as you would any other text message.  For non-urgent messages you can also text the school office on 07624 880 198

  1. Transport

Students travelling to and from school by bus or the Metrolink are expected to show excellent manners at all times both to the driver and to other passengers. Students are encouraged to come to school by bicycle and cyclists should wear helmets for safety. Bicycles should not be ridden on the school premises and should be kept securely locked in the designated area.  Owners should keep a record of frame numbers and key details.

  1. Trips

For every trip, a full risk assessment is undertaken and staffing ratios are compliant with current Health and Safety guidelines. We notify parents in advance of any trips and ask for parental permission by way of a reply slip.

  1. Visiting the School

When parents/carers are visiting the school for any reason they are asked to enter the building via the Main Office and to sign in at reception if attending a meeting.  We kindly ask that parents/carers call in advance to make any appointments with staff to ensure that they are available.

  1. Website

We update our website regularly and letters that are sent home can be viewed or downloaded from the website. Please visit the website frequently to keep up to date with news and events. www.loretochorlton.co.uk

  1. Welfare

We endeavour to ensure that no student feels threatened by the actions or words of another person. We take all alleged bullying issues seriously and follow the Loreto policy on this. Parents should be aware that the school will take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of its students.  In cases where the school has reason to be concerned that a child may be subject to ill-treatment, neglect or abuse, staff have no alternative but to follow the procedure laid down in the child protection guide “Keeping Children Safe in Education” and to inform Social Services of their concern.



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