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Pupil Premium Strategy Statement (2016/17)

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Pupil Premium Report 2015-16

The pupil premium grant (PPG) is funding for children entitled to free school meals, looked after children and service children (children with parents in the armed forces).

This reports sets out how our school has used its PPG to provide support to our pupils and includes:

  • The proportion of funding received.
  • A summary of the grant expenditure for the financial year 2015-16.
  • An assessment of the impact of the PPG funding.

Number of students and Pupil Premium Grant Summary

Total number on roll 758
 Total number of students eligible for PPG 387
% of students eligible for PPG 51%
Free school meal PPG received at £935 per pupil £361,845
Looked after children PPG received at

8 from Apr to Aug

7 from Sept to Mar

1 adopted from Care £1,900
Service children PPG received at £200 per pupil 0
Total amount of PPG received £371,545
Total pupil premium expenditure £374,215

Reducing the Gap

P8 (avg total) Attainment 8 (avg total) % A* – C in Eng & Maths % Pupils achieving Ebacc % 5A* – C inc Eng & Maths % Achieving EP in Eng % Achieving EP+ in English % Achieving EP in Maths % Achieving EP+ in maths
2016 Gap between PP and non PP 0.16 4.97 17.3% 17.7% 19.1% 5.3% 7.9% 9.6% 15.9%
2015 Gap between PP and non PP 0.27 9.96 20.7% 17.0% 23.3% 9% 6% 27.6% 14%
Difference -0.11 -4.99 -3.4% -0.7% -4.2% -3.7% -1.9% -18% +1.9%

Performance of Pupil Premium Pupils

PP Students P8 (avg total) Attainment 8 (avg total) % A* – C in Eng & Maths % Pupils achieving Ebacc % 5A* – C inc Eng & Maths % Achieving EP in Eng % Achieving EP+ in English % Achieving EP in Maths % Achieving EP+ in maths
2016, 69 students -0.08 44.27 44.9 10.1 42 74.2 31.8 55.9 5.9
2015, 78 students -0.37 40.19 37.3 13 34.7 69 29 42 13

Summary of Pupil Premium Expenditure in 2015-16
While the focus of the school is rightly on raising attainment of the students eligible for PPG, the school’s mission is also to educate the whole child and to respond to each child as a unique individual. Therefore, our funding is mainly spent on raising attainment but also on improving attendance, attitudes to learning and wider participation in school life, as well as removing barriers to learning and improving students’ well-being.

Objectives of the Pupil Premium funding

  • Raising achievement of PP students
  • Monitoring of PP impact
  • Raising Literacy and Numeracy levels
  • Closing the gap in attainment for PP students
  • Closing the gap in Levels of Progress (LOP) for PP students
  • Providing social and emotional support to PP students
  • Improving attendance of PP students
  • Reducing Persistent absence of PP students
  • Improving reading ages of PP students
  • Improve the effort and engagement of PP students
  • Improve achievement in EBACC subjects for PP students
  • Develop aspirations and as awareness of a range of career choices leading to positive post 16 choices

Raising attainment in all subjects and improving literacy and numeracy skills:

The school employed an experienced teacher on a part time contract to provide intervention and booster classes in Mathematics. At Key stage 4, these were focused on specific examination skills and preparation for controlled assessments and took place in small groups, and when necessary, on a one to one basis. Interventions also took place at Key Stage 3 with students at risk of making less than expected progress. £7,750
A programme of Saturday tuition was funded for Year 11 and Year 10 students to enable them to reinforce learning and revise key topics in preparation for their examinations. £22,900
Appointing a company called “Tutor Trust” to deliver one to one tuition using university students in Mathematics. £2,750
The appointment of graduates in Ebacc faculties to boost intervention within departments and English and Maths and the performing arts department £100,994
A librarian continues to be employed providing many opportunities for pupils to engage with literacy and reading. The librarian works with small groups of students or classes helping to raise the literacy skills of the students. £28,600
An assigned literacy coordinator is working across the school to improve the student literacy skills. Introducing the Accelerated Reader Program and Paired reading which shows fantastic results in improving the reading ages of students. £3,000

Reducing absence and improving attitudes to learning

A parent support worker continues to be employed by the school to work with families who may be experiencing difficulties. She was able to help these families to support their children in improving their attendance and their attitude to learning. £23,215
Funding a teaching assistant and teacher to support students whose behaviour choices inhibit their progress. Students are worked with for a period of time and then reintroduced back into main stream classes. £42,100

Reducing barriers to learning and improving student well-being

Some students eligible for PPG have experiences in their lives outside of school which impact on their well-being and their capacity to learn.  The school has funded the following agencies to work with these students and have a positive impact on their lives.

An educational psychologist continues to be employed to provide specific support for teachers in identifying psychological barriers to learning, accessing further support and funding for the student and advising teachers in strategies to overcome the barriers. £12,100
An Art therapist continues to be employed by the school to work with students whose past experiences may be significantly affecting their well-being and capacity to learn. £10,200
Horticulture therapy introduced for all years. £10,800
Extending the counselling service to all years using Caritas counsellors. £37,000
A speech and Language therapist has been employed to support pupils in these areas. £18,700

Increasing student engagement in the wider life of the school

Funding has been used to subsidise trip such as outdoor pursuit’s trips to Debdale and Ghyll Head, retreats, concerts, and for travel to sports fixtures. £7,300
Subsidised music lessons and instrument tuition. £31,406
A supply of student uniform and stationary is used to support targeted students to ensure they are ready and equipped for school £1,500

Impact of Pupil Premium Funding

  • Improved GCSE results from 46.9% of student achieving 5 A*-C grades in 2015 to 54.7% of students achieving it in 2016
  • The percentage of PP students achieving 5 A*-C grades including English and Maths has risen above national average by 6%
  • The gaps between non PP and PP students have narrowed in all areas except in 4 LOP in Maths
  • The gaps have significantly narrowed in student achieving expected progress in Maths (by 18%)
  • PP students are in line with national averages in achieving the Ebacc subjects.
  • The number of PP students taking part on the French exchange is 68%
  • Paired reading program with year 7 & year 9 students improved reading ages by an average of 5.2 years
  • 45 students attended a concert tour to Germany in July 2016, 26% of whom were PP.
  • 13% (48/369) of all our PP students accessed subsidised or free music lessons (average overall music involvement in other MANCEP schools is 10%, in Loreto overall is 17%. In 2012, Ofsted found average participation in music lessons by all students to be 14%)
    • Of these 48, 5 had ABRSM and Trinity Rock School exams paid for from PP funds.

Also notable is that 5/25 (20%) of all students entering music exams were PP.

  • 24% (88/389) of all our PP students accessed a weekly musical or dramatic activity in 2015-16 such as Samba Band, Steel Pan groups, Jazz Band, Gospel Choir, Drama clubs etc (see extra-curricular activities timetable)
  • Attendance and absence
  • PP2015-2016 =410 students
    • Improvement of 0.77% in Attendance
    • Improvement of 1.58% in authorised absence.

92.89% attendance
4.92% authorised absence
2.18% unauthorised absence

  • PP  2014 -2015 = 395 students

92.12% Attendance
6.50% authorised absence
1.385 unauthorised absences

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