RM Unify


We hope all our students will work hard and take an active role in the life of the school community. We value you and recognise that that you are the school community.

We aim to provide you with the following:

  • A school in which you can thrive and in which your teachers and your peers will treat you with respect.
  • A modern learning environment so that you have every opportunity to shine.
  • An engaging curriculum that ensures that you not only achieve well in line with the National standards but also helps develop your creative talents and provides real life skills.
  • A school community that values the involvement of your parents and carers and promotes the home / school partnership.
  • Enrichment opportunities at lunchtime and afterschool so that you can discover as many of your talents as possible.

We aim to provide you with the following:

  • Show good manners at all times. Respect all members of the school community (yourself, your peers, other students both younger and older, your teachers, managers, support staff and visitors.
  • Be an ambassador for Loreto and wear your uniform with pride, value your learning environment and resources and keep them clean and tidy so that everyone can enjoy them.
  • Work hard and achieve well so that you reach your full potential by completing your school work and homework to a high standard.
  • Keep your parents /carers up to date with school life and pass on all communication that is placed in your care.
  • Join in the enrichment opportunities so that you find your talents and develop your skills as much as possible.
  • Arrive on time every day and keep your attendance level above 95% (unless you have a medical condition which prevents this from happening).


Enjoy your time at Loreto …….Where good things happen………….






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