RM Unify

The Man Who Stole the Stars

The Art and Drama Department decided to collaborate in an exciting project after being inspired by visiting Artist-in-Residence Emma Fay, who is a body concept artist.

We wanted to use the world of storytelling and old fairy tales to bring to life our own production. The concept for the project was something completely new to the students, where they had to use their art skills as much as their acting skills. We also had a team of fantastic artists who worked behind the scenes to create the characters for the production.

The innovative idea for the script, written by Tony Morgan and Hannah Crowe, saw most of the cast become part of a magical forest on one side of their face, transformed by body art and head sculptural pieces. They then became a variety of other characters in the play by revealing the other side of their face, from children of the forest to tropical birds, pixies and an old couple! The play incorporated humour, magic and art to create a wonderful piece of theatre.

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GCSE Results Day - 24th August 10am - 12pm
After 12pm collection from reception. If collecting for someone else, signed letter from student and your own ID required.