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Yr 7 Unique Model explained (unique service feature)

Is Loreto any different in year 7 …YesIMG_5895
At Loreto we like to do things a little differently from other High schools, even if that means being somewhat unique in our approach to Year 7. Thankfully after six years in operation we now have the evidence to prove that we got it right and also the confirmation from Ofsted that our unique model really does deliver better results for our students.

Do you really have two teachers?…Yes
Recognising the security and consistency that the One Teacher primary school model brings to young minds and combining this with the Subject Specialist high school model that growing minds require, offers the young person the optimum chance to develop.

Are there any Benefits ?…Yes
Students in year 7 settle in quickly as they have a dedicated teacher in year 7 who is with them for over half the day. Trust soon builds and questions are quickly answered, ensuring happier more settled students. Combine this with lessons planned and delivered, in partnership, by a dedicated subject teacher and you can begin to see why students do so well.

Does it continue in year 8…NoIMG_5259
We find that by the end of year 7, and after one year of intense pastoral support our students have the confidence and desire to be more independent. Naturally they are part of a close community and we continue to keep a watchful eye on their progress and development all the way through their journey at Loreto.


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GCSE Results Day - 24th August 10am - 12pm
After 12pm collection from reception. If collecting for someone else, signed letter from student and your own ID required.